2017 – RENAULT CAPTUR     

The new Renault Captur impresses at first glance thanks to its sensual and elegant design. The model offers greater ground height, steering position, length and inter-axles of its category. Made in the Ayrton Senna Complex, in Paraná, Captur brings the comfort and interior space of the SUV universe, with a high offer of connectivity, technology and safety. The new Captur lines follow Renault’s new visual identity and are signed by Renault’s Technocentre in France, in partnership with Renault Design Latin America (RDAL), the only design and styling studio in the American continent, located in Sao Paulo. In terms of design, highlight two-tone paint, that is, the possibility of having the ceiling in a different color from the rest of the vehicle. A global project led by Renault Technology Americas (RTA), which aims to develop products tailored to Latin American consumer needs and profile, Captur has run more than 1,000,000 kilometers in Brazil alone. With the intense taxiing, it was possible to develop new suspension, bodywork and electronic architecture, among others land rover car covers. Captur will have a complete range in the Brazilian market. There are two engine options: the recently launched 1.6 SCe (120 hp), which offers economy and driving pleasure; in addition to the 2.0 16V (148 hp) option for those looking for even more performance. The two engines bring technologies that Renault has developed on the Formula 1 track, a category in which the brand has already won 12 world titles. In terms of safety, all versions come standard with 4 airbags and stability control (ESP).

Design at first sight

The first chapter of Captur’s history begins in Geneva in 2011 with the presentation of the concept car of the same name within the ‘Life’ philosophy, where Renault has created six different cars – SUV, minivan, sportscar, hatch, compact and van – for six distinct phases of a person’s life. The concept, one of the attractions of the São Paulo Salon of 2012, inspired the creation of the European Captur in 2013. The next step was the Technocentre in France and the RDAL in São Paulo. The two studios worked together to develop the new Renault Captur, which made its debut for the Brazilian public in the same Salon of São Paulo (2016) that had received the Captur concept car four years ago. The sensuous and stylish design of the new Captur impressed more than 700,000 visitors, with the SUV being considered one of the show’s great attractions. “Captur’s design blends elegance and well-marked lines. Two-tone painting guarantees a harmonic effect and brings great customization cheap. Captur’s design reflects the brand’s new identity, “says Vincent Pedretti, RDAL’s design head – Renault Design América Latina. The front LED daytime running lights, ‘C’ shaped around the fog lights, which lengthen the lower grille, convey elegance. The headlights are modern and have fluid design, while the hood has two well-marked creases.

On the side, there is a chromed graphics on the bottom of the doors, accompanying the raised waist line. The SUV draws attention to the fluid lines and carved side, as well as the muscles formed by the body above the rear mudguard. The 17-inch wheels, available with two designs, integrate the set in perfect harmony. The rear features LED taillights, a chrome exhaust tip and a chrome trim below the trunk that runs almost the entire length of the bumper, giving the impression that the Captur is an even larger model. Captur debuts a new instrument panel. With great reading and modern design, the frame combines a digital speedometer and half-moon shaped displays on each side. The digital on-board computer is displayed just above the set. The interior can still receive the two-tone finish, depending on the version. Two-tone painting offers originality and personalization. 13 color combinations are offered, including 9 two-tone combinations. Captur’s ceiling can be black or ivory. The body can be black, white, brown, orange, ivory, red, silver or gray.

Highest segment steering position

The Captur accommodates five passengers with comfort, thanks to 4.33 meters in length and 2.67 meters of wheelers, the largest numbers in the segment. Even in the back seat, three people can travel comfortably. The steering position (H point) is the highest among competing SUVs and added with the largest glazing area of ​​the segment, improve the field of vision and bring comfort and safety to the driver. The R-Confort seats come with a two-seater shell shape, providing more ergonomics and better accommodating the driver and passengers. Thanks to the integration of the lanterns to the rear cover, the Captur has one of the largest areas of access to the SUV segment. The trunk is the largest among its competitors and has a capacity of 437 liters. The new Renault Captur has the highest angles of entry and exit of the segment.

The main dimensions:

  • 330 mm in length
  • 1,810 mm wide
  • 1,620 mm height
  • 2,670 mm wheelbase
  • 212 mm ground clearance
  • 708 mm steering position (H point)
  • Input angle: 23 °
  • Output angle: 31 °

Acoustic comfort is also a high point of the SUV. The model is extremely quiet, whether in urban situations or on the road. The model has 12 handy and practical door handles for everyday use, located on door panels, center console, dashboard and glove compartment.

Easy Life and Connectivity

With high connectivity offerings, Captur has the MEDIA Nav available in all its versions. Intuitively and with a maximum of 4 clicks, the consumer accesses and configures any functionality of the multimedia center, through the 7.0-inch touchscreen, which features: integrated GPS, Bluetooth, reverse camera, eco-scoring and eco-coaching. In addition to all these functions, the system is integrated with the satellite command that allows the driver to access everything without taking his hands off the steering wheel. The SUV features a card key that enables the ignition simply with the presence of the card inside the vehicle. The opening and locking of the doors and the trunk are by approximation or removal, without the need to touch the card. The SUV also offers a more comfortable and safe driving option: the entire range includes standard cruise control, which works in conjunction with the cruise control. The system is ideal when driving through a controlled speed zone. The twilight sensor is an intelligent system that captures the brightness of the environment and automatically turns on the lights as needed. In addition, the rain sensor activates the windscreen wiper if necessary. The direction of the new Captur is electro-hydraulic with variable effort. That is, the oil flow is managed by an electric pump, which acts independently in relation to the engine speed. The need for assistance is determined more efficiently, based on the speed of the vehicle. When assistance is not required, the electric pump is temporarily deactivated. This system ensures greater comfort and fuel economy.  The side mirrors are electrically foldaway and the model offers armrest for the driver (in the Intense version), automatic air-conditioning, digital speedometer and electric windows on the four doors.


The whole line of the new Renault Captur comes with electronic stability control (ESP) as standard, which ensures greater cornering safety by correcting movements that can cause the vehicle to leave the normal trajectory. There is also electronic traction control (ASR), a system that provides greater grip on different types of surfaces. The SUV comes standard on all versions with four standard airbags (two front and two side). Another highlight of the model is the incorporation of the ISOFIX fastening system for two child seats in the rear seat. All versions come standard with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), ABS Brakes, Emergency Brake Assist (AFU) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD). All these systems are very useful in situations where the brake is required with greater intensity, ensuring greater safety on board the vehicle. The ramp start assist (HSA) is activated when the car is at a slope greater than 3 °. This system brakes the car for up to 2 seconds, aiding the pull up on slopes and bringing comfort and safety.  Another novelty is the conversion lights called Cornering Lights, which are integrated into the front fog lights. These are automatically triggered when turning the steering wheel, allowing better visibility in areas of lower light. Finally, the rear-view camera and the rear parking sensors allow you to guide and inform the driver about the presence of nearby obstacles.

Motor and Transmission

The Captur can be equipped with the new 1.6 16V SCe engine, launched in the Renault line at the end of 2016 with a focus on economy and driving pleasure. Or even with the reliable 2.0 16V, which gained developments in the middle of last year getting more economical. Already the 1.6 16V SCe engine offers 120 hp at 5,500 rpm with ethanol and 118 hp at 5,500 rpm with gasoline. In torque, it is 159 Nm at 4,000 rpm either with ethanol or gasoline. It is worth mentioning that 90% of the torque of the 1.6 SCe engine is already offered at 2,000 rpm, guaranteeing great resumes. The 2.0 16V engine has 148 hp at 5,750 rpm when fueled with ethanol and 143 hp at 5,750 rpm when fueled with gasoline. The torque supply is 205 Nm at 4,000 rpm when fueled with ethanol, and 199 Nm at 4,000 rpm with gasoline. When equipped with the 1.6 16V engine, the SUV receives a five-speed manual transmission. Already the version moved by the 2.0 16V, destined to those looking for even more performance, brings automatic transmission.

Captur brings in all versions Energy Smart Management (ESM) energy regeneration system, Formula 1 solution that wins the streets in Renault cars. During the deceleration of the car, when the driver withdraws his foot from the accelerator, the engine continues to rotate without consuming fuel. At that point, the alternator automatically starts to recover energy and send it to the battery, which increases its load without fuel consumption. During acceleration, the alternator does not need to ‘steal’ engine power to send to the battery, since there was the load on the deceleration. Still focused on fuel economy, the model features the Eco Mode function, which is activated with a simple push of a button located just below the gear lever. Through this function you can change usage patterns and optimize fuel consumption, saving up to 10%. As a complement, the gearshift indicator (GSI) accurately alerts, depending on the situation, which is the right moment to change gears, depending on the driving condition, engine speed and accelerator pedal position.


The Renault Captur is offered in two versions, with two engine and transmission options:

– Captur Zen 1.6 SCe manual : four airbags (front and side), electronic stability control (ESP), electronic traction control (ASR), ramp start assist (HSA), ABS brakes, ISOFIX, electro-hydraulic steering , steering wheel with height adjustment, air conditioning, 17-inch alloy wheels, electric windows, perimeter alarm, ‘hands-free’ key-card, audio and cell command on the steering column (satellite control), driver’s seat with height adjustment, CAR system (automatic door locking at 6 km / h), LED daytime running lights, folding mirrors, autopilot with indicator and speed limiter. Optional: Media Nav + Re-Camera; two-tone painting.

– Captur Intense 2.0 automatic : adds 17-inch wheels of diamond-alloy wheels, armrest, 7-inch Media Nav touchscreen, rear camera, automatic air-conditioning, rain sensor, fog light with Cornering Light function, twilight sensor. Optional: leather seats and two-tone paint.


The new Captur has a complete line of accessories developed especially for the model. There are offered, among others, an ideal transverse roof bar to carry bikes. Inside there is the option of tablet port, trunk net and organizer box, to make life easier for passengers. The armrest is optional in the Zen version and comes standard on the Intense. All components are factory-warranted.

Pre-sale makes noise in the digital world

The São Paulo Salon of 2016 marked the beginning of the pre-sale of Captur in the top version of Intense line with motor 2.0. To enhance the experience, customers interested in the SUV were invited to enter the hot site, where they could check more details of the car through a 3D experience and 360º vision of the exterior and interior. The Captur portal was an absolute success with over 2 million hits in two months on the air. Another action that gave Captur great visibility was the model exhibition at concessionaires in Curitiba, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro during the months of December and January. More than 2,500 interested customers left their data with Renault and were enchanted by the sensual and elegant design of the new Renault SUV.

After sales

Captur has a factory warranty of 3 years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. Customers who opt for financing facilities through Banco Renault have a 5-year warranty. The model maintenance plan provides for periodic revisions to be made at intervals of 10,000 kilometers or for each year of use. In addition, the Renault dealer network offers owners the ‘Closed Price Review’ program and the ‘Closed Parts Price Package’, which brings together the main items of wear and maintenance. These two services allow customers to know in advance how much they will spend for repairs, as suggested prices for both packages include parts and labor values. The owners of the models also count on the support of Renault Assistance, a service of emergency and mechanical assistance available 24 hours a day, throughout the national territory. This assistance provides technician for on-site repair, removal of the car to the nearest dealership, alternative means of transportation to the occupants of the vehicle, among others. For passenger vehicles, the service is offered free of charge for 24 months after purchase and 12 months for commercial vehicles.

My Renault: New Customer Relationship Concept

The brand’s customers also count on My Renault, an innovative digital platform that provides Renault owners with a wealth of information about their car as well as unique offers of products and services and first-hand news. My Renault is the personal and exclusive website of the owner of the Renault vehicle that has all the information about your car in one place: from the manual to tips on fuel consumption reduction. There are also cultural and travel tips offered.

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